Combining Prefect, Selenium, Pandas and Metabase to measure and manage my writing success on Medium

On October 30th, I took a day off from work to virtually attend the Project A Knowledge Conference to expand my knowledge in marketing, data/AI and sales through the many various practical talks. What started with a talk led to a bigger project idea that I wanted to share in this blogpost.

Motivation and Background

The idea behind it was mostly inspired by two particular talks from the conference that helped me to come up with the general idea and architecture:

1) Modern data stacks

This talk presented the most popular options for data ingestion, storage, transformation and visualization, as well as some examples of how Project…

A data-driven approach to better understand the good and bad about casual sex

Image by Author

In mid-may the Dutch government issued a new guidance to single people seeking intimacy during the pandemic and advised them to find a “seksbuddy” (sex buddy). Even before COVID-19, the topic of hookups and casual sex remains a controversial topic, so I thought about taking a data-driven approach to exploring the good and bad about hookups with a very interesting dataset. Short on time, feel free to jump right away to the TLDR section.

As you might have guessed, finding a perfect dataset to answer this question right away was not easy. But after a bit of googling I came…

Personal learnings from participating in one of Germany’s first Legal Tech Summer Challenge

For six weeks, I spent some of my free time exploring the legal tech scene in Germany after having successfully applied for the Legal Tech Summer Challenge 2020. Organized by the Munich Legal Tech Student Association (MLTech) as well as Reinvent Law and sponsored by Baker McKenzie Germany, the goal of the challenge was to solve real life problems of inhouse law-firms in an innovative way. Thanks to the excellent organization, diverse pool of selected applicants and willingness of all the participants to share their experience with me, I had a lot of fun and learned a ton of interesting…

Follow me along on how I explored Germany’s largest travel forum Vielfliegertreff

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As an inspiring data scientist, building interesting portfolio projects is key to showcase your skills. When I learned coding and data science as a business student through online courses, I disliked that datasets were made up of fake data or were solved before like Boston House Prices or the Titanic dataset on Kaggle.

In this blogpost, I want to show you how I develop interesting data science project ideas and implement them step by step, such as exploring Germany’s biggest frequent flyer forum Vielfliegertreff. If you are short on time feel free to skip to the conclusion TLDR.

Step 1: Choose your passion topic that is relevant

As a…

One of the main reasons I got into python programming was artificial intelligence. I was truly fascinated by the idea of giving computers the ability to learn without explicitly programming them.

Through many newsletters and browsing I wanted to share some of my favourite creative applications powered by Artificial Intelligence. Almost all of the examples are interactive to play around with.

1. Neural style Transfer

Neural Style Transfer (NST) uses deep learning to manipulate digital images by transfersing the appearance or visual style from a source image to another image. …

Photo by Jonas Tebbe on Unsplash

The current housing situation in Berlin

Having moved to Berlin, finding a reasonably priced flat was definitely one of the hardest parts. To get an idea of how competitive it can be, in November 1,749 flat-hunters queued outside to visit a vacant apartment in the popular Schöneberg district. The flat was advertised online just 12 hours before.

To stop the ever increasing costs of housing, the Berlin state government passed a controversial law that caps the rent. In one week, on February 23, the new law will come into effect.

Are current online flat offerings following the rent cap?

As my next data science side project, I decided to analyse current online listings on…

What I learned from analyzing 300K German online deals

Every year on Black Friday, people try to find the best deals hoping to save a ton of money. In the U.S. the Black Friday craziness has even lead to 12 deaths and 117 injuries thus far. If you are like me and prefer to do safer and easier online shopping, you probably wonder if Black Friday is, in fact, the best time to score the best deals. I was wondering too and analysed 321,739 deals from the famous German online platform mydealz. Get ready for an analytics journey filled with surprises and entertainment!

MyDealz the #1 Social Shopping Community in Germany

In a nutshell MyDealz is an online platform where every user can register and post a deal that others might find valuable. A deal most often includes the following information:

  • Title, description and picture
  • Old price, new price and sometimes a voucher code
  • Seller information and a link to the deal

Once published other users can then up or down vote a deal which results in an increase or decrease of the temperature. Hence, the best deals have the highest/hottest temperature. …

Felix Vemmer

Operational Intelligence Business Analyst at N26 looking to build his skills in Data Science.

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